Plant-based Brekkie Bundle


Start your day off right with Velicious plant-based brekkie bundle! Our scrambled no eggs is a tofu seasonin, which can be added to tofu to make a vegan tofu scramble. And for a sweet treat, our vegan hot chocolate powder is rich and creamy, without any dairy or artificial ingredients.


- Scrambled no eggs tofu seasoning made with natural and savoury spices
- Vegan hot chocolate powder made with high-quality cocoa and plant-based ingredients
- Easy to prepare and perfect for a quick and delicious breakfast


- Enjoy a delicious and satisfying breakfast without any animal products
- Get a boost of protein and nutrients by adding our tofu seasoning to your tofu 
- Indulge in a sweet treat without any guilt, thanks to our vegan hot chocolate powder
- Support a plant-based lifestyle and reduce your environmental impact

Tofu scramble recipe can be found here:

Scramble Tofu Recipe