About Us- Our Story, so far....

Plant-based food and beverage entrepreneurs. Velicious about us page.

How it all started

Sitting at a boarding gate at Bangkok airport in March 2019, ready to embark on our return journey back home, we had a realisation that we will soon be returning to the monotonous grind of work and general life. At that moment, we began to reflect on our holiday experience, the challenges we had, and what would give us lasting happiness.  
Through a combination of the desire to step away from corporate life routine, living on plant-based nutrition, and wanting to do something we’re both passionate about, that would give us a more meaningful and rewarding life path. So we began our journey to start our own business.

Our Passion

Since turning vegan in 2019, we have experienced the joys and heartaches of trying to find healthy, tasty and affordable plant-based alternatives at cafes and supermarkets, in particular finding plant-based scrambled egg alternatives. With having no luck for months in finding satisfying plant-based scrambled eggs, we decided to solve the problem with our own cooking experimentation. Through many trials and error in our small and humble kitchen, finally a plant-based scrambled egg recipe was created that was utterly delicious. With so much excitement in discovering the recipe, we wanted our recipe to be enjoyed by everyone. Thus, Velicious Egg Replacement Pre-Mix was born 😊 
But our excitement and eagerness to create other plant-based alternatives didn’t stop there. Another problem we had was finding tasty plant-based hot chocolate made with all-natural ingredients. The experimenting again began in our little kitchen, and the result was four flavours of plant-based hot chocolates were created. We can honestly say, not a day goes by without us having a cup of our very own delicious hot chocolate mix. 

Our Vision

Our experimentation is on-going and the product range will continue to expand, as we want to bring more of our discoveries to you. We want to provide affordable, quality, natural and tasty plant-based products for everyone to enjoy, without the frustration and disappointment of trial and error. So whether you’re already on the plant-based path, or just dipping your toes in to see what it’s like, we hope our plant-based alternative options can inspire you to continue your journey and share the joys we get from our creations.