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Plant-based • Natural • Eco-friendly


Drinking Chocolates

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100% Plant-based

All Velicious products are plant-based friendly. We believe that what we consume should not only be kind to our bodies but also to the planet.

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Seriously Amazing!

Best hot chocolate ever!! Just like everything created by Velicious this hot chocolate is like nothing you’ve ever tried before…seriously amazing! You’ll wonder how it has taken you so long to discover it…


MINT HOT CHOCCY!! THIS IS A 15/10 and also their butterscotch hot choccy is also 💯🙏🏻

Delicious and Smooth

Matcha 🍵 with the the best quality from Japan. The blend is using best quality products from famous Uji region 😻✨ Delicious and smooth and the perfect start into the day.


Plant-based Recipes