Matcha Latte Tea Set

$75.00 $89.00

Velicious Matcha Tea Set has everything you need to start your matcha journey. Our vegan matcha latte blend is made with high-quality matcha powder, malt and stevia for a creamy and delicious taste. The matcha whisk and whisk holder are essential tools for making the perfect matcha latte, ensuring that your matcha is frothy and smooth every time.


- High-quality matcha powder
- Vegan ingredients
- Matcha whisk and whisk holder
- Perfect for making matcha lattes at home


- Enjoy the health benefits of matcha, including increased energy and focus, without the hassle of going to a cafe
- The vegan matcha latte blend is a healthier alternative to traditional coffee drinks
- The matcha whisk and whisk holder make it easy to create a frothy and smooth matcha latte at home
- Save money by making your own matcha lattes instead of buying them at a cafe

The Matcha Tea Set includes:

♡ Matcha Latte powder (200g)

♡ Matcha Whisk

♡ Whisk holder