Vegan overnights oats recipe

Looking for a delicious and healthy breakfast option that satisfies your chocolate cravings? Look no further than these chocolate overnight oats! With just a few simple ingredients and an easy 5-step recipe, you can enjoy a tasty and nutritious breakfast that will keep you full and energised all morning long.

Gather your ingredients.

The first step in making chocolate overnight oats is to gather your ingredients. You will need rolled oats, non-dairy milk, Velicious Hot Chocolate powder and chia seeds. You can also add toppings like sliced bananas, chopped nuts, or chocolate chips for extra flavour and texture. Make sure you have all your ingredients measured and ready to go before you start mixing.

Mix together the oats, non-dairy milk and Velicious Hot Chocolate powder.

In a small bowl, combine 1/2 cup of rolled oats, 1/2 cup of non-dairy milk and 2 tablespoons of Velicious Hot Chocolate powder. Mix everything together until well combined. You can adjust the sweetness to your liking by adding more or less sweetener. If you prefer a thinner consistency, you can add more milk.

Healthy breakfast overnight oats recipe

Add in any additional mix-ins, such as nuts or fruit.

Once you have mixed together the base ingredients for your chocolate overnight oats, it's time to add in any additional mix-ins you desire. This is where you can get creative and customise your oats to your liking. Some popular mix-ins include chopped nuts, sliced fruit, shredded coconut, or even a dollop of nut butter. Simply stir in your desired mix-ins, cover the bowl, and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, your delicious and nutritious breakfast will be ready to enjoy!

Cover and refrigerate overnight.

After you have mixed together all of your ingredients for your chocolate overnight oats, it's important to cover the bowl and refrigerate it overnight. This allows the oats to absorb the liquid and flavours, resulting in a creamy and delicious breakfast in the morning. Make sure to refrigerate your oats for at least 6-8 hours, or overnight, before enjoying them.

Enjoy your delicious and nutritious breakfast in the morning!

After refrigerating your chocolate overnight oats for at least 6-8 hours, it's time to enjoy your delicious and nutritious breakfast! Simply remove the bowl from the fridge, give the oats a quick stir, and add any desired toppings such as fresh fruit, nuts, or a drizzle of honey. These oats are perfect for busy mornings when you need a quick and satisfying breakfast to start your day off right.



What you need:

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup non-dairy milk
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoons Velicious Hot Chocolate powder
  • Optional: Additional add-ins such as  sweeteners, chopped nuts or dried fruit. And desired toppings such as nut butter, dried coconut or fresh fruit.

How to make it: 

  • Mix the oats, chia seeds, plant-based milk and Velicious Hot Chocolate powder in a small bowl. Sweeten to liking. You can also add in other ingredients such as dried coconut, dried fruit and nuts.
  • Cover the bowl and set in the refrigerator overnight or at least 6 hours
  • Once set, serve with desired toppings, such as nut butter, and fresh fruit. Enjoy!

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